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Let LRC provide you with a free quote for a new Roof Installation Services in Lexington, KY. We offer all the latest dimensional shingles from CertainTeed, GAF, and Owens Corning. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to fit your needs.

We offer the Best Roof Installation Services in Lexington, KY!

The roof of your property serves many different and important functions. It not only protects you from the environment and the harsh external elements but it also provides security and comfort. Therefore, installing a roof is one of the most important steps when constructing. That is why we provide top-quality residential and commercial roof installation services for our customers in Lexington, KY. We offer a wide range of different services that are catered to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. To us, if our customers are content and satisfied, then that means we have done a good job. All our services combine our company’s priorities of reliability, quality, and affordability.

The installation of a roof is not a simple roof. Luckily, as a professional residential roof installation contractor, we possess the required know-how and experience required. Our team of experts makes sure that there is no compromise in the quality of materials or of service provided. We utilize the latest equipment and installation techniques in our quest to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Furthermore, as a testament to our versatility, we provide our customers with a host of customization options in material choices and styles. With services like ours, it is no wonder we are renowned as one of the top expert commercial roof installation companies around. For more information on our offered services, contact us now!

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At Lexington Roof Company, your project will be directed by a team of expert field technicians who are dedicated to working with you, and for you. Our management team has over 30 years of roofing experience, and we will implement a solution that meets your needs and budget.
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Avail of the Best Roof Repair Services in Lexington, KY now!

Taking good care of your roof is necessary for the well-functioning and long-term future of your property. As such, a one-time roof installation is not the final process in the story of your roof. Regular maintenance and repair are just as important. Considerate of this, we provide top-quality and affordable emergency local roofing repair services to our customers. We offer both roof maintenance and repair services which are entirely dependent on what our customers desire. Our company policy revolves around making sure that our customers are never inconvenienced. Thus, our timely and affordable roof repair services ensure the satisfaction of our customers in Lexington, KY. 

Roof repair is a meticulous task that can be best handled by an expert commercial roof repair company like ours. With years of experience under our belt and a reputation to uphold, we ensure there is no compromise in quality of service. Our dedicated and professional staff make sure of this by making use of only high-quality materials for repair and only top-tier equipment is utilized. As an added benefit, our services are licensed which means that due to being insured, you can rest assured about facing any potential damages as well. Thanks to our offered services, it is no wonder why we are renowned for providing top roof repair services to our customers. To experience our services firsthand, give us a call now!

The Best Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair Services in Lexington, KY at your fingertips!

There are a number of different material choices that can be used when installing a roof. In this regard, one of the popular materials is asphalt shingle. Aside from providing a list of benefits such as being affordable and versatile, it does require regular repair and maintenance. That is why we as a professional asphalt shingle roof repair contractor offer our customers top asphalt shingle roof repair services. Our services are based upon our principle of quality and reliability which is reflected in our work. While aesthetically pleasing, asphalt shingle roofs suffer from wear and tear too and if they are damaged because of the weather, then repair services are needed. Our team of experts is skilled in this task. They conduct a thorough inspection of your asphalt shingle roof and assess the condition. After identifying the problem at hand, they set about fixing it at the latest using quality equipment and the latest techniques. If you reside in Lexington, KY, and are interested in roof repair, do not hesitate to contact us now!

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Providing the Best Gutter Installation and Repair Services in Lexington, KY!

The roof of your property is faced with frequent precipitation throughout the year. To help in this, special gutters are installed on your roof. They protect your home from water damage by funneling the water away from the property foundation or from staying stagnant. In the case of gutters clogging or malfunctioning, repair services are needed. In this regard, we at Lex Roof Company provide quality rain gutter replacement & inspection services to our customers in Lexington, KY. As a professional residential gutter repair contractor, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier services that range around affordability, quality, and reliability.

A leaking and overflowing gutter poses a threat to the long-term security of your property. It is recommended to hire an expert commercial gutter installation company that also deals in repair services like ours. Some benefits of our gutter services include the prevention of water damage, and reduced chances of erosion and mold while increasing the value of your property. Our team of experts makes sure that the highest quality of materials, the latest techniques, and state-of-the-art equipment are utilized. We offer customization options in the installation of gutters while our gutter repairs revolve around balancing reliability with affordability. Maintaining a functioning gutter system is important for your property’s future, so call us now if you need gutter services!


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Rob provided the highest level of customer service possible, it was great working with Lexington Roof Company! His crew was very professional and they did an amazing job cleaning up after the job. I would recommend Lexington Roof Company to anyone needing a new roof or roof repair. Rob and team will not disappoint!
Beth Atnip
Beth Atnip
Lexington Roof Company was great to work with. Rob's communication was tremendous, and scheduling was fast and smooth. The crew was professional, highly-skilled and very thorough. The roof looks amazing, and the team did an excellent job cleaning up too. I would recommend this company to anyone.
We were impressed with the service & quality of workmanship we received from LRC. Within 1 day of damage to our roof due to the historic weather event we met with Rob of LRC & our roof was assessed; tarped; visited by insurance representatives & replaced in a very timely manner. Our job site was managed & the company completed the job in 1.5 days. We would highly recommend Rob and LRC.
Deborah Back
Deborah Back
Rob was great to work with! After our first phone call I felt way more comfortable about having to replace my roof. As soon as my insurance company approved my claim he was able to get me on his schedule quickly. His team worked efficiently and did a phenomenal job! I was very impressed and so were my neighbors. I would definitely recommend Lexington Roof Company.
Michaela Mineer
Michaela Mineer
Lexington Roof Company is highly recommended. Rob is a true professional and made sure all of my needs were met. His communication was excellent and was one of the many reasons that made his company stand out above the others. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Josh Ochala
Josh Ochala
Lexington Roof Company installed our roof. They were professional, reliable, did an excellent job and cleaned up everything before they left. I would recommend them to everyone!
Campbell DeYoung
Campbell DeYoung
Rob was awesome to work with. His crew was top notch and they had the roof down within a few hours (and we have a large roof). He personally came to inspect the job progress himself multiple times. He took pictures with his drone to show us the progress and make sure there was no damage to the wood underneath that might need repair. His prices are the best around town. If you need a roof call Rob! Super easy to work with and cannot make the process any smoother.
Eryn Mallard
Eryn Mallard
I sent them a request and got a response in less than an hour. Show up in a few hours; I had a quote that night. When I told them I was ready, they arrived in a few days. They finished in one day, cleaned up the yard, and went the extra mile— a nice guy to work with.
Sam Hale
Sam Hale