What are gutter guards?

We all know how important the gutters are to ensure a safe drainage of water from our roofs. They drain the water safely while securing the wooden structure of our homes. 

These gutters can easily get clogged with leaves and debris. A clogged gutter can cause more damage than having no gutter at all. This is where gutter guards come in handy. Many people use “gutters” and “gutter guards” interchangeably. However, they are two different products and have different functions. 

Gutter guards Installation & Maintenance  are a sort of covering over your gutters. They protect the gutters from getting clogged and ensure free-flowing water. They stop all sorts of leaves and debris from going inside the gutter passage. 

Which gutter guard is the best?

There are countless options to choose from. In this article, we will discuss some of the Best Rain Gutter Guards available in the market. We will examine what differentiates one from the other and what are the pros and cons of each. So let’s get started with our list.

GutterBrush Downspout Guards

First off on the list is brush guards. This is an ingenious and simple design. It is a plastic or polymer cord that is flexible. This cord is surrounded by lots of plastic hairs which are normally 3-5 inches long. It forms a brush around the cord which stops leaves and other large debris from falling into the gutter. This design also allows the water to pass through easily. It’s like a large bottle brush designed specifically for gutters. 

Pros: The flexible cord helps these guards to fit easily into different sizes. This design is especially useful when there are curves and turns in the gutters. Anyone can easily adjust these guards to the exact size and design of the gutter. 

Cons: It’s very hard to clean these gutters as the leaves get stuck in the brush. Also, it does not stop small and fine dirt from going into the gutter. 

Gutterglove Raptor Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Gutter Guard

As the name suggests Micro-Mesh gutter guards have a mesh with tiny holes in it. It serves as a very fine filter to filter out all sorts of residue. Some of the best quality guards have the ability to even filter out small pollen and pine needles. 

It’s important to note that if you live in an area that experiences heavy rain frequently then don’t opt for very fine mesh. Selecting a fine mesh will not allow the water to pass through easily. The smaller the holes the more inefficient the water flow. Going lower than a 45-micron mesh hole is ideal for heavy rainfall.

Pros: It provides one of the finest filtrations. Having one installed means that your gutters will be clean and won’t require frequent cleaning and maintenance. 

Cons: These meshes are expensive as they have very fine quality meshes. There are plastic gutters that cost less but they only last for 5 years. The stainless steel versions cost a lot more but they also last for around 20 years and come with different warranties. 

Also, installing them is not that easy. You will have to remove the shingles from the edges to install the guard underneath it. DIY is not recommended and it should be done by a professional.

Alu-Rex Gutter guards

Alu-Rex guards are one of the most durable and simple solutions out there. These guards are made up of industry-quality aluminium. These are way more durable than other polymer or plastic ones. The design seems simple but is very effective. It’s a flat sheet of aluminium with dents and holes in it. It stops all sorts of large debris like leaves. However, it cannot stop very fine debris like the mesh gutters do. It also allows the water to easily go into the gutters. 

Pros: These are easy to install. They come with built-in screws which can be effortlessly installed on almost every type of gutter. You just have to do the measurement correctly to select the correct size. Their unique design also allows them to avoid snow dams on the guards. 

Cons: Because of the flat surface, it easily collects debris. You will have to regularly clean the guard top with a blower. If you don’t have one, climb up a ladder and clean it with a broom or your hand.

Amerimax Snap-In Filter Gutter Guard

These filters are cheap and easy to install. They are normally available in one color only and are made up of quality plastic and polymer blends. These are not a long-term solution but are excellent for quick, cheap, and effective solutions. 

Pros: Easy installation, you just have to snap the guard into place and that’s it. Just like other guards, you will have to clean them after some time to remove the debris off of them. 

Cons: As these are made of plastic, they can be damaged in extreme heat. Continuous exposure to scorching heat can result in warping and getting out of their place. 

 Leaf Filter guards 

These are also made up of fine mesh to block all sorts of residue. It can block leaves, fine debris, and dust. However, these guards are made with strong materials. Unlike other guards, it is designed to bear the weight of debris that falls on it.

Pros: Filter out even the finest of dirt. It keeps your gutters clean and avoids dirt pileup which can result in leakages.

Cons: As with other fine mesh products, it is expensive. Also, a DIY is possible but it is difficult.

 Plastic Mesh Gutter Guard

This is a flexible and cost-effective option. It is a net made up of plastic with holes in it. These holes are small enough to stop leaves and branches from going inside the gutters. You will also be able to find guards which are made up of recycled plastic.

Pros:  These are affordable options and can be installed easily. They keep your gutters clean from large and small debris. 

Cons:  It’s a flexible net so there are always chances of sagging. They require regular cleaning to ensure proper functioning. They can easily come out of their place or start to sag if the weight of the debris is too much.


These are some of the Best Rain Gutter Guards out there. Some of the specifications we discussed might be different depending on the area you live in. Before selecting a guard for your gutters, you should always check your requirements. Things like weather conditions and budget are the most important factors when deciding. Always ensure the functionality of the guards first. After that, you can also decide on installation, looks, and more.

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